Help for Renters

If you are a renter in Greene Township and are having issues with your landlord, help is available!

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court created the “Implied Warranty of Habitability” which gives renters the right to safe and sanitary home conditions.

All landlords must keep their properties in decent conditions. Small repairs, such as a leaky faucet, may not be damaging enough for action to be taken. However, you are entitled to live in a safe, healthy and sanitary home.

There are steps you can take when your home is not up to standards:

  • Notify your landlord of the problem in writing
  • Give the landlord “reasonable” time to fix the problem
  • Document evidence to help your case
  • Withhold rent
  • Repair and deduct the cost of repairs from your rent
  • Bring a lawsuit
  • Get a court order
  • Move

For more information on your rights as a renter, visit the PA Housing Finance Agency

Under additional tips, you can find a pamphlet with helpful information from the Pennsylvania Legal Aid Network

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