Township Road Conditions

Since Greene Township is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania and is subject to the changing weather conditions of the area, roads often form potholes and create dust. The township road crew works diligently to fix them, starting with the worst severe and working their way to the least severe.

Here is a list of roads owned and maintained by Greene Township, Pike County, PA: Township Roads. All other roads are either owned by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) or are privately owned.


Potholes are most prevalent during the spring months when the ground frequently freezes and thaws. When water seeps under the road surface, then freezes as temperatures drop, then thaws as temperatures rise, they cause pockets in the roadway which are driven over by vehicles and broken up into potholes.

How Potholes Form


Another common road condition that is inconvenient is dust. Some township roads are dirt and gravel which can produce dusty conditions when a vehicle passes on them. In order to lessen the amount and location of dust, the road crew periodically applies calcium chloride to the road surfaces. This treatment absorbs small quantities of moisture from the atmosphere to provide extended dust control.

What you can do

Maintaining a slower speed on township roads will help combat the worsening of potholes and production of dust.

If you notice severe issues on township roads, please let us know by submitting a concern below.

Please visit the Township Roads page of the website to ensure the issue is not a state or private road.