FAQs from Residents

Q: Is there zoning in Greene Township?

A: There is no zoning ordinance currently adopted in the township of Greene, Pike County, Pennsylvania. However, there are still other regulations for properties located in Greene Township that are described in Ordinance #94 – Subdivision and Land Development.

Properties located in a development may have additional by-laws that are to be followed.

If you need a letter stating this, please find our letter here:

Q: Does Greene Township require an Occupancy Permit for the resale of a residential home?

A: Greene Township does not require an Occupancy Permit when a residential home is sold.

Q: Are there any rules against short term rentals in Greene Township?

A: Yes, Greene Township has an adopted Short-Term Rental Ordinance which regulates short-term rentals within the township and establishes penalties for violations.

To read the ordinance and/or submit a Short-Term Permit Application, click here.

Q: How do I sign up for garbage/recycling pick-up?

A: Greene Township does not have public utilities. Garbage pick-up would have to be set up by the resident through a privately operated company (visit our blog post for local businesses). There are no recycling locations in Pike County, but residents can utilize Wayne County locations. Please visit the Recycling page for more information.

Q: Where can I get a 911 address sign for my property?

A: 911 address signs can be purchased through Greene-Dreher Fire Department by calling (570) 676-3384.

Q: Where can I find help regarding the home that I rent?

A: If you rent a home in Greene Township and are having issues with your landlord, please contact PHFA (Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency). They provide resources and assistance for renters.

Q: How do I report potholes?

A: Since Greene Township is located in Northeastern Pennsylvania and is subject to the changing weather conditions of the area, roads that are dirt and gravel often form potholes. The township road crew works diligently to fix them, starting with the worst severe and working their way to the least severe. If you would like to report potholes on township roads, please fill out the form on the Township Roads page of the website.

Q: I want to build an addition, shed, garage, or other structure. Do I need a permit?

A: Yes. Permits are required for building, and other home projects. Please visit our Building page for information on how to obtain a permit.

Q: How do I advise the Township Supervisors that another Greene Township resident is in violation of an ordinance?

A: If you are a resident of Greene Township and would like to report a complaint, please fill out the Request for Action Form at the bottom of the Permits & Forms page and mail it to 198 Brink Hill Rd., Greentown, PA 18426, or email it to secretary@greenetownship.org *Form must be filled out completely

Q: How do I know if there is a burn ban in effect and when it is lifted?

A: Township burn bans are requested by the Fire Chief and put into effect by the Township Supervisors. Red “Burn Ban in Effect” signs will be posted at each township line, it will be announced on the Township’s Facebook page, and it will be posted on the slider on the home page of the website.

There is no time limit restrictions for Township burn bans. The Board of Supervisors can apply and lift the ban at their discretion.

When a burn ban is lifted, the signs will be removed from the township lines and it will be posted in the same locations mentioned above.

It is the responsibility of any resident planning to burn to check with their local municipality, and to inform the fire department, before they burn.

For more information as to why a burn ban may be in effect, please visit the PA Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR) website. You can then click on “Burn Bans” on the right-hand side for more detailed information. *Please note: The DCNR’s website lists county wide burn bans. Local municipalities and county offices may have additional burning restrictions or ban information. 

Please see the Township Ordinance regarding outdoor fires below.

Q: Who do I call if there is a tree down across a Township road?

A: If there is a tree, or other object, on a Township road, please contact the township:

  • Monday – Thursday 8:00am-2:30pm: (570) 676-9325
  • Email: greenetownshipoffice@gmail.com
  • Submit Road Concern Form: Click Here
  • 24 Hour Road Emergencies: (570) 676-3932