Residential Developments in Greene Township

There are many homeowners associations, private communities and developments in Greene Township, Pike County. These include organizations that make and enforce rules and regulations in regards to what property owners can and cannot do with their properties. Upon purchasing a property on a private road, the property owner becomes a part of that organization and usually is required to pay dues. Generally, dues go towards road maintenance and any other facility upkeep that may be included.

Any road that is not owned by the township or the state is considered a private road and is paid for and maintained by those who own property on that road.

Click here to view a map of township and state owned roads. Any road not on this list is a privately owned road and homeowners are responsible for maintenance.

Residential Developments in Greene Township, Pike County, PA

Greene Township has numerous residential developments located within the municipality. In January 2010, Pike County Office of Community Planning put together a list of these developments for the county. Click below to view Greene Township’s portion of this list.

How much are fees and what do they include?

When owning a home or property in a development, an annual fee is usually due to maintain the community. The fee can range from a couple hundred dollars to thousands of dollars, depending on what is offered in the development and how many homes are a part of it.

Usually, the fees includes things like road maintenance, snow/ice removal, garbage pick up, amenity maintenance (such as a community pool, tennis court, playground, etc.) and security.

Pros & Cons of owning in a development.

There are many upsides to owning in an HOA or development. These include: neat, well-maintained properties, more stable property value due to consistent appearance of homes, access to exclusive amenities, assistance in resolving property-related disputes with neighbors.

However, some may not want to live in a development due to the restrictions they impose. Some HOAs may have restrictions on home colors, number of pets, putting up signs in your yard. The fees may also cause budget issues.

For more information on dues, bylaws and other information regarding developments, you would need to contact the development itself. The township does not keep contact information for developments.